Addressing Insurance Challenges in Bermuda

With Cookhouse Lab and CONNECTECH

About the Cookhouse Pop-Up Lab Preview 

Cookhouse Pop-Up Lab is coming to Bermuda to give you a preview of how we tackle insurance challenges, head on, through open collaboration.

Who is Cookhouse Lab?

Based in Toronto,  Cookhouse Lab is a one-of-a-kind open collaboration space that allows thought leaders and industry experts to come together to solve the toughest issues facing the insurance sector.

They are solved by participants from various companies and backgrounds through accelerated innovation sprints. Cookhouse Lab facilitates the sprints using guided exercises in design thinking and lean startup methodologies allowing project teams to develop a business case and a Minimum Viable Product, the scale of which will depend on the project length.

What is a Cookhouse Pop-Up Lab?

Cookhouse Pop-Up Lab brings the unique experience of open collaboration from Toronto, to the location of experts around the globe. We provide a team of innovation experts, research staff, a UX/UI designer and technical experts to support each innovation sprint. Relevant legal, technical, and coaching support is also offered to achieve optimal success.

Cookhouse Pop-Up Lab Preview in Bermuda

We are excited to meet insurers, reinsurers, financial institutions, and InsurTechs in Bermuda to help uncover insurance business challenges and share how to combat them by combining local expertise with Design Thinking methodologies.

What to expect at the preview?

Join us for breakfast, connect with Mitch Ocampo, Co-CEO of Cookhouse Lab and Coral Wells, Founder and Managing Director of CONNECTECH and get a taste for the unique, accelerated, innovation experience at the lab.

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