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Delays in APS: Project Update

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 27, 2017 9:53:27 AM / by Jason Yu, Innovation Chef

Jason Yu, Innovation Chef

Project Update Banner.pngWe have now passed the halfway point of our Delays in Attending Physician Statement (APS) project journey. Last week, the project team hosted an update breakfast to discuss the progress that has been made so far.

The problem and what we have learned to date:

As the project team has moved along this project journey, they have iterated the problem statement to focus on the largest opportunity: 

"Insurers are losing life and living benefits due to poor data quality, lack of physician APS understanding and a paper based process culminating in long APS cycle times."

To compare this problem statement with our original one, see our original project details

Over the past month, the team conducted field interviews in various medical clinics over the city and have discovered three key facts:

  • Physicians are complacent with the current process
  • Insurance customers abandon their application if it takes too long 
  • Clinics want the easiest solution possible

Keeping these factors in mind, the team explored the possibility of monetary bonuses from insurance companies. This theory was tested on-site in various clinics and found to be quite motivating. 

In addition, the project team identified that the APS process is very much a paper one. However, they have also learned that there are a variety of innovative technologies that are available to get around these paper processes which include: machine learning, proxy data sources, and external APIs. 

Accomplishments to date:

  • Interviewed over 20 medical clinics to gain additional data
  • Identified the life & living benefits insurance cases of Claims Adjudication and Global View of Insured 
  • Integrated prototype with a machine learning startup 
  • Created an agreement with an electronic medical record (EMR) provider

Next milestone:

  • Creating more client focused incentives to collect more data as well as clinic APS notification systems
  • Integrating underwriter "machine learning" training
  • Business casing other use cases
  • Finalizing the MVP with technical requirements 


  • Foresters Financial
  • Hannover Re (Ireland) DAC Canadian Life Branch 
  • IRB Brasil Re
  • KPMG (Canada) 
  • Manulife Financial 
  • RGA 
  • The Co-operators 

Our project MVP will be unveiled next month! Continue to follow us on our co-creation and open innovation journey by subscribing to our blog and news updates

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