Initial Project Description: 

From a flying surveillance camera for military purposes, to a new toy, to an unmanned cargo device - drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are one of the latest examples of the fast growing IoT technologies that form a multi-billion dollar industry making our life safer, easier, faster and more fun. The insurance industry quickly identified the potential to use drones for underwriting and claims handling. Nowadays most P&C insurers provide professional roof inspection services using drones or take aerial photographs of flooded areas to evaluate the loss after a natural catastrophe.  >> Read More 

Problem Statement:

Drone fliers do not have options to protect themselves or their drones when they fly.


Duration of Project:

  • 4 weeks

Project Participants: 

  • Besurance
  • Munich Re
  • The Co-operators

Guest Organizations:

We would like to extend our gratitude to those who shared their knowledge with the team, and helped the team achieve their project goals:

  • University of Applied Sciences Wurzburg-Schweinfurt
  • Hybris (SAP)
  • OmniView Tech

Project Highlights and Milestones: 

During this four-week sprint, the team following design-thinking methodologies to identify their problem statement and develop solutions to meet the needs of drone users. To help understand the customer problem, the team:

  • Conducted coffee shop interviews to understand the public perception and knowledge of drones.
  • Built personas for target drone users.
  • Flew drones with hobbyists.
  • Surveyed drone users in collaboration with OmniView Tech to establish their propensity to purchase insurance and share their flight data.

Based on the results of their surveys, interviews and secondary research, the team selected their target consumer group and developed solutions including:


The team developed two MVPs (wireframe applications) to meet the needs of drone users. The first is a community application to engage drone users in order to accumulate data to enable accurate insurance pricing. Some sample shots are below: 


mvp 1.png
mvp 2.png
mvp 3.png

The second wireframe application is for an on-demand insurance product, which would be enabled by a live risk model. Some sample shots are below:

mvp 4.png
mvp 5.png
mvp 6.png