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our unique recipe for innovation. 

Unlike internal innovation labs, incubators, or accelerators, Cookhouse Lab invites you to feed your curiosity by designing, prototyping, and funding new and meaningful insurance innovations through an open collaborative model with peers, partners, and start-ups in the insurance industry. 
We combine a global diverse team of insurance and functional expertise alongside a design thinking approach and an ideation insurance crowdsourcing platform to accelerate digital innovation for insurance.

open or closed collaboration model.

The ideation process can be initiated and executed by a single or multiple partners, i.e. internal only, peer-to-peer, or completely open. 

As the project moves into the prototyping phase, the development of a MVP can also be performed in a closed or open team structure. 

New: Munich Pop-Up!

Cookhouse Lab is heading to Munich, Germany!

Our team will be spending a month there and will run a variety of projects related to Life and P&C Insurance, as well as generally applicable topics including Loyalty & Rewards.


Toronto, ON

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ask the global insurance expert crowd. 

 Members will gain access to an exclusive network of industry experts in life and non-life insurance who will be invited to partake in ideation and crowdsourcing process. 

The Insurance Expert Crowd will be sourced and managed by Cookhouse Lab through a proprietary ideation crowdsourcing platform. 


flexible membership plans for you and your teams.

 Whether you want to submerge into our collaborative environment and work on open projects or have a specific internal or peer-to-peer idea, Cookhouse Lab can facilitate the entire process from crowdsourcing, ideation, through to the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). 

We offer Innovations Packs on an annual or project-based basis. Both membership packages are calculated per seat per month. Additional seats are available for purchased on a per month or per day basis. 



The world is changing, insurance is changing – particularly for insurance companies that are faced with the challenge of building a customer relationship beyond premium collection and claim adjudication. We believe open collaboration and innovation will drive that change by helping us reimagine insurance products and how they are accessed and delivered.

Chris Murumets Chef, Cookhouse Lab
Co-Founder, LOGiQ3 Group

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Chris Murumets Cookhouse Lab, LOGiQ3 Group Co-Founder